“The objectives of this workshop (community) were to bring together workers in this relatively new area of research, with a view to sharing technical expertise and experience in order to enhance the quality and pace of the development”

B. H. Brown, et al., 1986
(Brown, Barber, and Tarrasenko 1987)

History of the EIT Community


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EIT Steering Committee

  1. Prof. Rosalind Sadleir (University of Arizona)
  2. Prof. Richard Bayford (Middlesex University London)
  3. Prof. Bill Lionheart(University of Manchester)
  4. Prof. Andy Adler (Carleton University)
  5. Prof. David Holder (University College London)
  6. Prof. Inéz Frerichs (Christian Albrechts University)


Brown, B. H., D. C. Barber, and L. Tarrasenko. 1987. “Electrical Impedance Tomography - Applied Potential Tomography (Preface).” Clinical Physics and Physiological Measurement 8 (4A): 3. https://doi.org/10.1088/0143-0815/8/4A/301.